Overall rating - ski area comfort

Combining lift riding and skiing comfort into one value for ski area comfort presents a number of methodological challenges. Firstly, because the range of values for skiing comfort is much bigger, and secondly, because of the question of what importance should be assigned to these two aspects. You can tell us about your personal assessment here.

In North America, the focus of ski resort operators is more on creating the largest possible number of pistes than in Europe, where the competition is more based on the quality of the lift system. These cultural differences will not be fully reflected by any weighting.

The results for lift riding and skiing comfort are currently included in the overall ranking with 50 percent each. The following table shows some exemplary results. If the weighting for skiing comfort were higher, North American ski resorts would gain, if the weighting for lift riding comfort were higher, the European areas would rise. In the end, every skier can decide for himself. This of course requires to know the corresponding values. In the future, www.skigebietsbewertung.com will offer this service for a growing number of ski areas.

Ski area Country Lift riding comfort
Weight: 50%
Optimum: 8.46
= 100 %
Skiing comfort
Weight: 50%
Optimum: 9.82 = 100%
Overall comfort
(Scale from 1.0 to 10.0)
Trois Vallées France 6.5 4.5 5.5
Laax Switzerland 6.8 4.9 5.9
Saalbach Austria 7.7 4.6 6.2
Kronplatz Italy 8.5 4.4 6.4
Vail USA 6.1 5.2 6.1
Snowmass USA 5.7 6.3 6.0
Whistler Blackcomb Canada 6.4 4.5 5.9
Sun Peaks Canada 5.5 9.0 7.2